Listado de precios de Kyber Network Crystal Legacy € 1.402 Pronóstico, gráfico de compra

Precio de cotización de Kyber Network Crystal Legacy € 1.402 con un capital € 69.73 M. Previsión -0.06% abajo, Gráfico en tiempo real

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  • red kyber - Detalles de moneda de CMC
    Legado de cristal de la red Kyber (KNCL)
  • Precio en vivo
  • horas 24
  • Capitalización
    € 69.73 M
  • Tamaño
    € 26.86 M
  • Oferta disponible
    49.92 m KNCL
  • Rango

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Precio Red de Kyber

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Hey Kyberians! #KyberNetwork is working on a series of educational articles that can help #DeFi community land safely in crypto 😙

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🚀We’re excited to announce @KyberNetwork will integrate the swap feature on @OxalusWallet , thereby bringing convenient and easy access to the communities of both parties. 🎉🎉🎉

1/6 In the past, 3AC had done an OTC deal with Kyber treasury to purchase KNC. The amount of KNC purchased by 3AC is not significant and was transferred out from 3AC’s receiving wallet address a long time ago.

🎉 @MEXC_Global now supports trading for the new @KyberNetwork $KNC token!
KNC/USDT Perpetual

Note: Old KNCL token deposits are no longer accepted on MEXC.

Learn about $KNC:

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